Monday, April 4, 2011

new post Can you Beleive it!

It has been so long I almost forgot how to post! It took me a while to find the 'new post' button. Since December.... * I am still not divorced but hope to move on soon. * My girls were sick, then sick again, then sick again. (strep times 4 for Jorryn) * I got to visit many of my wonderful friends in Hurricane. I was so grateful and felt so much love I could hardly contain myself most of the trip. Hurricane was a wonderful stage of my life, in fact I have been blessed with caring kind and loving relationships everywhere! * I got to see a lot of old friends. (Not old because of their age) * I have been working hard at understanding who I am and have gained great self confidence and I feel great. It is wonderful to have a renewed perspective on life. I am truly an improved person and so glad to be. * Jorryn turned 5 and got her first bike. She is very safe in it and is picking up on it quickly. * Evelynn learned how to say her own name! she really sticks her tongue out on her V and L sounds and it is adorable. * Jorryn needs to have her tonsils out in two weeks. She will need to stay home 10 days to recover which means 2 solid weeks of work in a month which I am already away from my students 7 of 16 days. I haven't worked through that one yet. It would be nice to be living in SLC at times like this by family. But it will all work out. I live by plenty of caring loving people and I do have family who will do anything for me! Pretty lucky!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


So, I am not divorced yet and will not begin dating or seeking out dates until my divorce is final but I thought I should maybe hone up on how to flirt. I have been watching some of the college students around town and I don't think I will be flirting with a grown man the way an 18 yeaqr old flirts with a 18 year old so then how... I had a friend tell me after her divorce she liked to use online dating sites because she could flirt in her jamas and turn off the computer when she was done. So last night I was bored, on the computer, and the curious thought of how to flirt came into my mind. I looked up a dating site, looked though some profiles, then saw a button, "flirt with me" so I thought I would try it out I clicked thinkingI would be able to leave a comment such as you can on facebook, a flirtatious comment to be specific. What it took me to instead was a list of prewritten 'flirts' that you could click on and have emailed to the person. Man If I knew it was that easy to flirt why would I even have to think about it. Doesn't technology make live so much easier!
I may not need your advice for sometime, but I have been a boy scout before and It is best to always 'be prepared,' so if you have any really good 'flirts' that I could copy and past into an email once I do start on my dating journey, please leave them in the comments.
Life is so great. It is not always what we expect but there is always a way ahead that will lead to happiness, even when you are surrounded by gunk.
If I don't get another chance, Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Happy Birthday 2 year old

E turns 2 on Thursday. She is so much fun. Her purpose in life is to make people happy. Lately she has felt the shame of "No, No." and it breaks my heart when her smile turns upside down into a frown. She tells us when she has gone potty, she calls everyone by name and it is so sweet. She loves to watch Dora and will sing along. Her favorite Christmas song is Bing Crosby's Hawaiian Christmas song. She loves to wear her boots, and she is so kind to her big sister. I could not imagine my life without her. I love her so much.

With Santa and Mrs. Claus
Looking at the lights on Temple Square. It was so fun, we ran into my cousin Heather as her school choir was performing in the visitor center. It was so fun to listen to her sing.
E got Two potties at her birthday party, one for her and one for her baby.
Grandma bought E a pretty princess cake that glowed.
J all snuggled up at Temple square. I love her smile.
Family Rivalry as we watched the game
Sledding at Grandma and Grandpa's house

Cousins are the best. All the Vernon Granbabies.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

So now you know...

Some of my friends and family out there on the blogosphere may be highly confused about what is going on with me and my family. I have avoided sharing my personal life and personal problems on the internet. What goes onto the internet is there forever. I don't need my problems to be recalled forever. Yet outside my control my friends and family have been included in the drama that is my life.
So... I have filed for Divorce from Johnny. I do pray that he is "truly" repentant. I am letting the Lord into my heart to guide my life. And I do feel peace and confidence in my choices. Johnny and I had very different backgrounds going into our marriage. We had at the time the same goals and desires for the future. We worked at our marriage just as everyone, having hard times and good. As the future approached and we were in the thickets our priorities changed and we no longer meshed well. I still believe the Lord wants each of us to be part of an Eternal Family. I know that is the point of coming to this earth. But I also know that we need to feel safe and loved and respected. I feel guided that I need to be away from Johnny to feel these things.
I am so grateful for all the experiences I have had. They have all helped me to grow and given me an opportunity to feel my Saviors love. I have felt his love and peace through so many of you and I am forever grateful for that.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Here is a small snapshot of our Halloween. We went to boo at the zoo, the pumpkin walk in North Logan, a ward party, a fun party at Katie's, and trick or treating with Grandma. We were so busy we didn't get to carve pumpkins until tonight.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shake Rattle and Roll

We have had a busy summer and I haven't blogged since the start. I will play catchup in a minute. First this week. On Wednesday morning MY little family and my parents went up to Wyoming to run the snake river with the Rimasch Family. We got to use our new pop-up trailer for the second time and it was fabulous.

1. Shake: Wednesday night we went into Jackson Hole to look at the galleries and have some dinner. While waiting for the gun show to start we felt a 4.5 earth quake. I had never felt one before. Mark said he saw a pair of fuzzy dice in someones car swinging back and forth. My mom said it felt like she was on a dance floor. I just thought I was light headed and a little dizzy.

2. Rattle: Thursday night after dinner my parents went with Mark and Sylvia to get some ice down the canyon. Holly and I were cleaning up dinner. (Yummy dutch oven fried chicken. a Kelly Specialty) She asked where to dump the chicken fat. I told her the fire so we could burn off the smell so the bears wouldn't come searching for it. Just at that moment I heard a rustle or 'rattle' of the bushes, looked over, and saw a large brawn figure ten yards away. The light was getting low and My heart started to race. as I gasped it moved again and a large rack of moose antlers popped up in front of my. Johnny was walking over with the kids and I yelled to them, "Hey you guys lets all look at the moose from inside the tent trailer." It startled and ran back. it played this game going back and forth for 15 minutes. then Johnny yelled run! Holly and I scooped up the kids and ran into the trailer as the moose can straight for us. Johnny got it to dodge around the trailer. It headed for the Rimasch's camp next. Johnny ran over to tell Natalie and Candice to get their kids in the cars. On Natalie's way to her car the moose came charging between the two parked cars right for her and her little boy. they ran and hid behind Candice's tent and the moose headed right in front of it then out toward the road.

3. Roll: On Friday we were on our last or six runs down the Snake River. We were hitting ever hole just perfect! Were were goofing around and having so much fun. at Ropes we hit the wave dead on as Shawn rode the bow standing up. Our boat bucked and folded. As Shawn went flying in my dad and I went flying out. in all the confusion the boat headed for the rocks and away from my Dad and me. We started to ride down stream. I have fallen out of the boat but never for that much time. It was o.k. at first but then the waves started coming closer together. It started pushing me under over and over again and I couldn't make it up to breath. I started to panic a little and I remembered Mark said, "Hold on to your paddle no matter what" I figured I had succeeded at holding onto my paddle I could get back above the water too. I kicked a little harder came up and heard my sweet husband yell get the rope. He pulled me aboard as Mark pulled my dad out of the water. both of us wheezing from lungs full of water and shaking from adrenaline. It was Still an awesome ride and I can't wait for the Rimasch's to invite us along again but I want to ride "Ropes" in the boat from now on!

Thanks for the fun weekend. It is fun to make memories with family and good friends.